Why do super glue adhesives bond to the skin?

Have you ever stuck on sticking to the glue issue? We all know what super glue or Cyanoacrylate can do for a sturdy bond between different materials. I also require using it where my skin ...
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What is the technical name for super glue type adhesives?

Who does not hear about super glue? It's an excellent and higher bonding compatible adhesive which is known as cyanoacrylate in the industrial world. Coming with a cost-effective price makes it widely available in every ...
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What are the Six General Types of Adhesives

What are the Six General Types of Adhesives?

Are you listing things to buy for the next mini album or scrapbook? The proper adhesive must be at the top of that list. Knowing about adhesive before starting any pictorial literature is a necessity ...
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What are Considered to be Among the Earliest Adhesives

What are Considered to be Among the Earliest Adhesives?

Adhesive or glue seems a common material although containing a brief history. In this tech-based world, you may already have thousands of adhesive types, haven't you? I have seen my mother using a hot glue ...
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is washi tape acid free

Is Washi Tape Acid-Free? [In Depth Guide]

Ever opened your scrapbook and experienced the horror of seeing all your arts and crafts turning yellow? It is because the tapes you used must have been acidic. Speaking of tapes, washi tape is the ...
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how to make digital paper in Procreate.

How to Make Digital Paper in Procreate? [Easy Steps]

Digital painting and the tools related to it have always fascinated me. Being well versed in this, one of my friends once wanted to know about creating digital papers. He asked if I knew how ...
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What is the Most Difficult Part of Scrapbooking

What is the Most Difficult Part of Scrapbooking?

Preparing a scrapbook is a fun task. Usually, people make it for their close ones or sometimes for any school assignments. I really enjoy doing it. As I remember, once my best friend was about ...
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How to Make a Mini Album for Beginners

How to Make a Mini Album for Beginners [Mini Album Ideas]

Taking pictures and storing them is the sweetest way of bearing memories for the long run. Our modern generation does it through camera and Google photos. But, long before technology took over, people used to ...
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which side of adhesive vinyl goes down

Which Side of Adhesive Vinyl Goes Down? [In Depth Guide]

Adhesive vinyl is a kind of material that is flexible enough to stick on all hard and smooth surfaces. You can cut it into many designs and shapes to apply it anywhere. Some people do ...
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How Strong is Hot Glue Gun.

How Strong is Hot Glue Gun & How to Use It?

People who fall under the DIY community are familiar with hot glue guns, aren’t they? Other than them, there are a lot of people who know about hot glue guns as well. It works amazingly, ...
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