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Timika Sandra

This is Timika Sandra owner of scrapbs.com. This is a DIY Art & Craft especially scrapbooking blog covering step-by-step tutorials and helpful tips and tricks from Timika Sandra and her experienced team.

We are helping people each of the days find the information they need to complete the Scrapbooking projects and tasks perfectly.

Our passionate makers provide in-depth article and tutorial cover a variety of hobbies, Scrapbooking data around the world’s people. Our testers, researchers, and information collectors collect everything to write a helpful article for you.

We especially write for scrapbooking & DIY professionals, all producing articles and step-by-step tutorials with hands-on work and all of Scrapbooking products information. Whether if you think of a revolutionary change in your DIY sector, The ScrapBS is here to help.

We are always wholly committed to honesty, true information, diversity, illusion, and equity. ScrapBS’s team members have over 5 years of experience to provide valuable information to our honorable visitors and provide accurate information to fulfill your task perfectly.

Do not hasitate to Contact Timika Sandra if you have any question.

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