How Strong is Hot Glue Gun & How to Use It?

People who fall under the DIY community are familiar with hot glue guns, aren’t they? Other than them, there are a lot of people who know about hot glue guns as well. It works amazingly, no?

One of my friends loves to make things by herself, and I have seen her using a hot glue gun multiple times. She says it saves quite a lot of time and easier to use too. But now the question is, how strong is a hot glue gun?

How Strong is Hot Glue Gun

For small crafts and DIY work, the glue is strong enough. It’s easy to mold and peel from several surfaces. Therefore, for temporary repairs, it is an excellent glue to use.

About Hot Glue Guns

Hot glue guns are light-weight transportable devices that are used for hot melt adhesives and dispense them. Hot melting – thermoplastics in the form of tubular sticks – was first developed during the 1940s to strengthen water-based bonds, which are weakened in exposure to moisture.

Depending on their specific uses, industrial consumers use sticks and bulks today, and most hobbyists follow more simple ways to stick with. Initially, they were used to tie sole shoes before the glue guns were added. In many sectors, they have become omnipresent.

The polymers’ melting and cooling provide distribution and adhesion methods for thermally melted adhesives. The hot glue gun is most often used with a glue gun and can be melted at low (250 °F) and high (380 °F).

Depending on the polymer type, numerous variants and performances are available. On porous and non-poreful surfaces, hot glue can be used. It can bind uneven surfaces together due to its high viscosity and is excellent in filling spaces.

best hot glue gun

In high-strength applications, the hot glue gun is not commonly used. And high temperatures above the application temperature will not survive. Therefore, people look for the best hot glue gun since it is for temporary use.

But for a variety of crafts and substrates, it offers a very simple set-up option. It is a large all-purpose craft glue for quick installation and execution, but not for children’s use.

How Strong is Hot Glue Gun?

The entire aim of the hot glue guns is to bind objects together and therefore not just any hot melt adhesive, but one compatible with the gun is needed for optimal performance. The factor of compatibility is generally dependent on heat smelting materials and sizes as they can differ greatly.

Thermoplastic, resin, and even wax of different dimensions can be made up of hot melts. The explanation for so many different formulations of chemical materials is that not every glue gun has the same performance.

types of hot glue sticks and gun

Some manufacture a tougher glue, and others manufacture a more soft product. They also differ in colors for various applications as necessary. There are various types of hot glue sticks that are used for various purposes.

The melting agents are normally also waterproof and are designed to support chemical treatment. But, because of the impact that these temperatures have on them, they are not suited for continuous high-temperature applications.

How to Use a Hot Glue Gun?

Let’s see how to use a hot glue gun step by step-

  • Go to the manual of the owner for information on the safe operation of your glue gun. Take note of the various glue pistol components and how they should function.

You should know from the instruction manual whether your glue gun starts automated heating or needs to be switched on and off, the length of time it usually takes to warm up, or the material for which it is recommended.

  • Make sure the beak has no old traces of glue. The melted glue should be visible from the tip of the glue weapon.

Draw the dust and wipe it with an aluminum foil, where possible, for dried glue to be accumulated, or use a toothpick to clean up the opening. Before any use, your glue weapon must always be free of excess waste from past projects.

How to Use a Hot Glue Gun
  • Load a stick of glue into the back of the weapon. Put a fresh glue stick into the circular opening at the rear of the weapon and position one end. Slide-in before it stops. If a partially worn glue stick is already in the pistol, finish the stick prior to inserting another.

Tip: Always have a stock of extra strong hot glue sticks because you never know when you will be needing one.

  • Connect the cord of the glue gun to an electric socket. Check the wall where you work on your project for an electric outlet. Place the electrical cord of the glue gun into the plug.

The heating portion of the glue gun begins automatically to heat the stick inside the glue and does not touch or leave the gun unattended after it is plugged in. Make sure that your glue gun stands upright to prevent injuries.

  • Wait until the glue gets hot. Smooth the glue piston for a couple of minutes. Once melted enough, the glue oozes off when pulling out the trigger.
  • Squeeze lightly the melted glue release button. Stick down the pistol to the glue pistol and bring it next to the object you are gluing. Press the trigger of the weapon gently until the molten adhesive starts to appear.
  • Use just the amount of glue you need. Start with a moderate quantity of glue and decide whether you need more. There’s a long way to a little glue.

Now a question pops out- how much weight can hot glue hold? It pretty much depends on the product you are using. Read the manual first.

  • Wait for the glue to get dried out. Remove the nozzle from the article which has just been collected.

If you have an on/off switch on the glue gun model that is used, turn it off and set it aside. Let the glue dry for a few minutes.

The Strength of Hot Glue Guns

A lot of questions come out talking about the strength of hot glue guns.

Frequently Asked Question

How strong is hot glue on plastic?

Plastic is one of the hardest bonding surfaces, but there are some hot sticks that have been found to bind polyethylene, PVC, and PET. It takes a little time for the glue to set and then get dried out. The strength depends on which brand’s product you are using.

How strong is hot glue on metal?

Glue gun doesn’t work well on metals because the chemical reactions don’t work that way.

How strong is hot glue on wood?

It’s not strong, it’s not weak either. Only yellow wood glue works well on plastics.

How strong is hot glue on fabrics?

Fabric is a fascinating medium and offers a number of specific challenges. As it is a pore, many adhesives work to some extent to bind to it, but it is also thin or heat-sensitive that has to be taken into account when selecting a hot adhesive.


Hot glue guns are used both in the home and in the business world by many in a number of different ventures. They were made for bonding shoe floors only when they were first produced.

However, nowadays, people find a variety of uses such as for woodworking, leisure, retail, packaging, etc. You can do anything with it if you know how to use it and what products to choose in the first place.

So are you still having confusion about hot glue guns and how strong is hot glue gun? I bet not. Hope you make amazing things using your hot glue gun!

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