What is the Most Difficult Part of Scrapbooking?

Preparing a scrapbook is a fun task. Usually, people make it for their close ones or sometimes for any school assignments. I really enjoy doing it. As I remember, once my best friend was about to migrate to another country with his family. So, I made a beautiful scrapbook for him.

After getting it, his heart was filled with joy, as he knew I have put effort into it. Then he asked me that what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking?

What is the Most Difficult Part of Scrapbooking

It varies from person to person. I felt starting it was a bit hard as it was my first attempt. Because when you are new in doing it, you maybe love it now and then feel messed up for adding any unnecessary elements.

The Starting of a Scrapbook

Firstly, you may ask that, what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking made simple? So, you need to look for inspiration before starting it. You can dig into different ideas from the internet, or you can also have your own.

If you are giving it to someone very close, then add layouts of their memories in your own way with adding some embellishments. You can make it more attractive with their pictures along with various cutouts, or maybe a hodgepodge of different styles.

what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking made simple

You can also have some ideas from the app Pinterest. There are lots of designs and inspiration which you are looking for. Small things like designed papercuts, stones, quotes, and many more things can essence up your scrapbook.

Once you find out the inspiration, you can easily answer the question with a solution to anyone which is, what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking?

Theme Planning for the Scrapbook

You need to decide on a layout according to the spring or autumn, thanksgiving or engagement ceremony, or just a casual and beautiful scrapbook for a special person. After that, think of what theme or quintessence you want to add to make it attractive.

what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking themes

Some people may ask, what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking themes? Choosing a story, and adding some essence to it, can be tough for most of the person. You can take pictures, some notes, and other elements that suit your story.

Decide what you want and grab all to need to present an amazing scrapbook.

Methods and Materials for Scrapbooking

When you have a perfect theme and a plan, the method of creating a scrapbook comes naturally. It’s all about drawing, pasting, taping, or gluing pictures and notes. It is totally on you about how you decorate the scrapbook using your innovative ideas.

Methods and Materials for Scrapbooking

At first, you need to gather all the essential materials for executing the scrapbook like papers, tape, glue, scissor, colorful pens, pictures, and other embellishment things. The most important material for starting it is the papers. Some might arise a question on this like, what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking paper?

You need to arrange some papers according to your plan. If you get a book and decorate, it can be a bit easy, but making a whole book sticking the papers one after another might be tough for beginners.

For making your scrapbook unique, you can print pictures and quotes from the internet, use different craft papers, attractive elements to give it a perfect look. If you have all the necessary things, then just start making your scrapbook as you planned by sticking the pictures and decorations along with writing notes with different color sign pens or glitter pens.

So in a way, you can execute your ideas. Some people might have got the answer to the question, what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking style? It won’t be much hard if you plan it in your head and have a creative mind.

Basic Steps for Beginners to Make a Scrapbook

You can start it off after having all the stuff. If you have a question like, what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking stuff? Then, let me tell you, finding the accurate things can be a little hard, but once you get all of it, you can follow the below steps to proceed.

Brainstorm of a Theme

Brainstorm of a Theme

At first, think about what you are creating this scrapbook. Once you know the theme like birthday, wedding ceremony, or anything, it will be easier for you to get the scrapbook supplies. You can search for items that you think perfectly matches the theme of your scrapbook.

Stories to Add

Stories to Add for scrapbooking

You need to make a list of stories you want to show according to the specific theme. There will be memories and short stories to save in the scrapbook, along with pictures related to the incident. And if you are not working on a theme, you have to think of a story for every page.

Selection of Pictures

Selection of Pictures for scrapbooking

You have to select the photos that highlight the theme of your scrapbook. Select pictures accordingly for each page to show the person some glimpse of good memories. It will also make the scrapbook beautiful.

Placement of the Elements

If you have a good plan for placing all the elements in the scrapbook, it will save you time and give a unified look to all the pages. Planning will not lead you to unsized cuts of pictures or running out of space for journals or maybe the layout design that doesn’t look correct.

Placement of the Elements for scrapbooking

And if the scrapbook does not have any theme then, you can decorate it with whatever inspiration strikes your mind and play with the placement of elements to make it unique.

Crop and Adhere Pictures

Crop and Adhere Pictures for scrapbooking

If you need to crop the photos, then make fade marking with a pencil and cut it accordingly to your desired sizes with a paper trimmer or scissor. If you have planned the placement of the pictures, then adhere the cropped photos and elements with glue to your scrapbook.

Title of the Page

Title of the Page for scrapbooking

A title on the page can highlight your topic. You can handwrite it and creative extras or swirls to make it decorative on the top of the page. There are also sticker letters and stamped letters, you can use them too or print any desired title from the internet, then print and stick it as a page topper.

Journaling the Stories

Journaling the Stories for scrapbooking

Journaling helps you to tell an amazing story. Pictures may show the story, but words can help to express it. So, spend some time adding heartfelt words, dates, times, lyrics, captions, and quotes to make it touchy. You can also print them into different fonts or handwrite them.

Style with Embellishments

Style with Embellishments for scrapbooking

Embellishments can enhance the beauty of your scrapbook. You can use glitters, textures, or dimensions to your page and tie them up with ribbons as you want. Let it overshadow the story which you want to tell. Embellishments are optional and extra bits to make your scrapbook beautiful.

Protection of the Layouts

Protection of the Layouts for scrapbooking

Once you are done with all the pages, they are ready to go inside the scrapbook album. It will protect your pages from dust and getting damaged.

Frequently Asked Question

Is scrapbooking expensive?

Yes, it can be expensive as you need to buy a lot of things to make it beautiful, but again if you want to keep it simple and work accordingly then it might cost less. Adding embellishments may make your scrapbooking expensive but it also enhances the beauty of the book more.

What size is best for scrapbooking?

A 12-by-12 size is ideal choice for scrapbooking. Most of the people take this size of layout with as many pages as they want. You can easily stick lots of pictures and notes as you want. Many people out there use 12-by-12 size album for their family scrapbook.

How many pictures should be used in a scrapbook?

A scrapbook usually contains 2 sides and each side should have four to six pictures on each side. And if want to add more photos, you can add more pages to it. And a small scrapbook may need two to three pictures to make it.

In a scrapbook, how do you stick things?

You can use liquid craft glues. For the scrapbooking items like photos, or notes you can apply dry adhesive like glue stick, double sided tape or glue dots. Craft glue can also be used for sticking the embellishments like metallic or plastic items.


A scrapbook can be a very thoughtful gift given to someone as it shows all your efforts and love. You can present it to your loved ones, birthdays, weddings, newborns, and so on. If you know the answer to the question, what is the most difficult part of scrapbooking? Then you can shower memories and love through it and win their heart.

I hope you will enjoy making yours.

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