What is the technical name for super glue type adhesives?

Who does not hear about super glue? It’s an excellent and higher bonding compatible adhesive which is known as cyanoacrylate in the industrial world. Coming with a cost-effective price makes it widely available in every single home.

I need it often for fixing my bicycle’s parts. Bringing durability in sticking materials within a shorter period, I like most of this adhesive, don’t you agree? Most people do not know what is the technical name for super glue type adhesives. So, let’s dive into these to clarify how cyanoacrylate became the most versatile and robust adhesive.

How Does It Work?

Conventional water-based adhesives are also widely found apart from super glue adhesives. Inside of a cyanoacrylate adhesive is full of acrylic resin. Meanwhile, having an acrylic monomer that generally helps super glue to turn out more substantial.

It transforms into the plastic nature just after curing. That is how it shows how robust this adhesive is unlike to others. Besides, cyanoacrylate gets bonding to materials perfectly if moisture presents there. What is the technical name for super glue type adhesives represents cyanoacrylate that is also an industrial tag.

This quick-bonding adhesive indicates a versatile usage range as it helps to combine metal, plastics to even human skin. Meanwhile, its compatibility in industry, cyanoacrylate glue medical usage brings significance too.

Harmfulness of Cyanoacrylate

Considering the overall toxicity of adhesives is so crucial. Cyanoacrylate can poison based on the bonding formula and exposure level. Vulnerability goes higher for respiratory sensitivity apart from human skin, eyes.

Meanwhile, it dries frequently in moisturized conditions. Marks of cyanoacrylate poisoning involves,

  • Skin, hair sticking
  • Burning skin
  • Rash-based skin soreness
  • Flu-oriented indications for inhaling
  • Asthma

The factors where superglues are good at

1. Quick Bond

Getting in bonds quickly is a significant distinctive feature of super glues. This few-seconds activity can stay perfectly bonded for a long time. Meanwhile, superglue adhesives work perfectly in warmer conditions along with higher humidity.

2. Higher Sturdy Bonds

What they form bonding between different materials is very robust. Meanwhile, you may find differences in sturdiness based on material grade, conditions, and so on. But superglue adhesives are much more potent than other adhesives such as silicone, polymers, etc.

3. Economical

Each user expects to have the daily using materials at a more reasonable cost. Meanwhile, super glues always ensure users get it economically. Though these are a bit more expensive than a generic one, they come with many tubes of glue. Besides, super glue adhesives are capable of serving bonds between more different materials.

4. Material Adaptability

As these adhesives are highly versatile, you can use them over several types of materials. Meanwhile, most adhesives enable their bonding with general metals, ceramics, glass, wood, etc. But super glue can serve you more variety.

What is Loctite cyanoacrylate?

-Well, Loctite super glue can handle more rigid bonding than other super glues. Robustness to hold and execute quickly are its vital signs. Meanwhile, it’s suitable for porous, non-porous surfaces too. 

Why are there several types of super glue exist?

As we have different conditions, one kind of super glue can not fulfill the required bonding properly. So, depending on specific situations, we have seen numerous ranges in super glues. The packaging sizes to even pricing, storage capability, etc., are significant factors in creating a major difference. Alongside what is cyanoacrylate, let’s dig these factors briefly below.

1. Viscidity

Viscidity or viscosity represents the term on behalf of the compactness of a material. So, the more formidable the viscidity, the more concentrated the fluid. It plays a more prominent role in having differences among super glue’s grades. Besides, various cyanoacrylate adhesive uses depend on how greater or lower viscosity is on your required application.

2. Ester Nature

Generally, you will find Ethyl, Methyl, Alkoxy, etc., in different super glues. Meanwhile, Ethyl Ester is the most popular in using while serving more versatile glue adhesives. Besides, it is also helpful for general purposes.

In the meantime, Alkoxy Ester is the least prone cyanoacrylate to bloom. Alongside, Methyl can be much capable of bonding with a large number of metals.

3. Cure Time

Though all super glue adhesives are much faster, curing time may still differ from each other. Such as having a thicker grade will take a long time to cure while low viscidity-based grades do faster. So, it’s also a dependent factor of being different due to the viscosity level.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which things, super glue does not stick to?

-Super glue or cyanoacrylate adhesives do not bond with certain plastic bodies such as HDPE, PP, polyethylene-made, etc. It also includes a few smoother viable surfaces.

Which is the most vulnerable glue?

-In sanded conclusions, glue from Elmer is considered the weakest one. Besides, superglue was the most vulnerable glue according to the non-sand results.

Can you invalidate Loctite?

-Loctite super glue, epoxies are comparable in construction to different labels. Meanwhile, you can make it loose through a slight utilization of acetone paint discharging.

Which glue is more robust than E6000?

-Though Gorilla Super Glue is highly recommended, you may find it unworthy at some points. It can frequently get dried along with holding nicely. Besides, two shelf-based epoxies with a slow drying manner are the more strong glues you can consider.


Since cyanoacrylate adhesive had been invented, it made a revolutionary transformation in sticking bonds. Faster sticking nature, higher sturdiness, frequent bonding tendency, etc., help perform it better. As super glue adhesive appears like a gelatinous material, forming a bond is much effective via it.

Meanwhile, what is the technical name for super glue type adhesives is so unfamiliar to us. As super glue is utilized widely in vast cases, we should know the whole configuration too. Coming with different types, serving various viscosity-based adhesives, etc., can impact a lot. Apart from safety issues, awareness about the cyanoacrylate formula will direct users on how better the utilization can be.

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