What to Use Instead of Hot Glue Gun? [Alternatives of a Hot Glue Gun]

What do you know about a hot glue gun? Well, it is highly known for its portability along with its utility of hot melting adhesive. Since my childhood, I observed that my mother used hot glue guns for her culinary and other fabric-based works.

Well, it has got several competitors too, doesn’t it? As a result, you will find many alternatives to guns. As hot guns are more famous than other trending products, it was first launched as a mixture of thermoplastics along with an orientation of tubular poles.

What to use instead of hot glue gun

Meanwhile, you can search for how to make hot glue stick at home easily. It will give you the direction in making this vital component for your various projects. As the world is moving fast, you can not depend on a single type. So, we will discuss here what to use instead of hot glue gun.

Spray Adhesive

We mostly think about glue as a hard liquid material that is not always true. So, spray adhesive comes in the scenario along with a different orientation. Well, an adhesive sprayer is an exceptional type of glue that comes with droplets.

When you use droplets on your nose, it is a closer one to that medicine. You can take this adhesive spray as a substitution for the other adhesives such as tape or hot glue. Besides, spray adhesives come with different levels of strength.

It is available as a permanent type along with semi-permanent and temporary too. So, it is one of the prime alternatives to hot glue guns. Now, you must have gained the tricks of how to make hot glue without a glue gun.

Spray Adhesive

Besides, spray adhesive is unique and exceptional as it has the strength to keep a bond between two items. Meanwhile, this material can be the automatic choice for any user’s art-based, creative, crafting projects. Besides, you will get enough flexibility while doing scrapbook, foil-based crafting along with model structures too.

Besides, it is also a suitable choice for mounting photos or picturing displays. So, this material is one of the alternatives to hot glue guns. Now, you know what to use instead of glue, don’t you?

Liquid Glue

There are fewer differences between liquid glue and hot glue. As these two come with almost the same texture, you will get an extra benefit while using liquid glue. It is highly preferable to use at your room temperature too.

Is not it an additional benefit for your activities? If yes, then let’s explore more liquid glue. Well, it can start its work while water begins evaporating from liquidity.

Liquid Glue

You can consider it as the DIY hot glue also. Meanwhile, you will discover that the liquid glue has started to get hardened. After that, it will form a bond together. So, it is a useful choice for those objects that require sticking altogether such as tiny pieces of wood.

These cut pieces will help you in creating paper cads while utilizing pearls or stones, etc. You will find it useful too for several jewelry crafts and designs. Besides, it is very crucial to look after the air bubbles while utilizing liquid glue. If any air bubble stays present inside the glue, all the water will not get evaporated eventually.

Fabric Glue

It is another vital alternative to hot glue guns. Besides, knowing what glue to use for pipe cleaners, it is also important to explore fabric glue. While you are starting to do craft-based works, it may include delicate and sensitive items.

What materials can it conclude? Well, materials such as fabrics or even jewelry, etc., are very sensitive items to keep protected. Besides, fabric glue is also highly popular as fusible glue, but why?

what glue to use for pipe cleaners

It is called because the glue starts fusing two or more items through a coat of adhesion. Besides, it is a robust and durable solution along with providing long flexibility. Meanwhile, you will get it in various types of textures. It includes glue tapes, adhesive layers, etc.

Plastic Glue

We use these hot glue guns for fixing plastics nicely. In this circumstance, plastic glue is also acceptable. As these are more elastic compositions, you will get great pleasure while utilizing plastic.

Plastic Glue

Meanwhile, there are several versions of plastics such as HDPE, PVC, PETE, etc., available to choose from among these. Besides, these all plastic glues can work in different types of plastics. As a result, choosing the best plastic glue will be the best solution for your activities.

Fevicol vs. Glue Guns

Many people think that Fevicol can be a suitable alternative to a glue gun. But in reality, you have to admit that it is not the best option for your adhesive activities. Besides, hot melt adhesives can come into consideration.

These are the key insights of glue gun vs Fevicol. Meanwhile, you can apply Fevicol along with glue applicators. As a result, it will get enough speed and accuracy. Besides, it will reduce the usage of Fevicol.

can we use feviquick instead of hot glue

Well, there are more materials such as Fevicol to discuss. So, can we use feviquick instead of hot glue? It is not also a preferable alternative for your activities. As a result, you can clearly see the differences between Fevicol, Feviquick, and glue guns.

Decomposition of hot glue

You may have a question regarding does hot glue decomposes? While applying the glue, it can make a quick hard situation along with decomposing within 14 to 28 days. Besides, it is also suitable for the adhesive development of your body’s tissue.

Meanwhile, it can get four times stronger than the regular and existing adhesive solutions. So, decomposing is not always the wrong side of hot glue. It can help you healed and your task completed.

Double Side Tape

These tapes along with dual sides are useful alternatives to the hot glue guns, but why? First of all, you will get enough flexibility while coming to the crafting and other paper projects. Meanwhile, this tape is not the strongest one in nature.

But it can provide you numerous benefits while utilizing paper-based projects. Besides, you can use any hot glue for certain projects too. But it can not ensure the best quality as it leaves your paper saturated and spongy.

Double Side Tape

Meanwhile, it can get turned into a permanent floppy. Besides, there is a chance of getting disfigured for its heating mechanism. Meanwhile, this tape will leave your papers flatter and smoother.

As a result, you will get enough freedom in creating a smooth and perfect scrapbook, posters, etc. This tape is the best example of what to use instead of a hot glue gun.

Frequently Asked Question

How will I recognise if my glue stick’s size is standard?

As hot glue guns require only one stick size, you can choose the sticks around 0.5 inches. Besides, craft glue sticks contain 5/16 inches generally.

What is the replacement process of glue?

Well, what you see in general are the conventional glues. Once upon a time, where people did not like to use it as you can not fix the broken parts properly through it. That is how people start thinking of replacing particles which are definitely homemade-based adhesives, and so on.

You can find duct tapes as suitable options as a replacement of glue. Besides, there are several types of adhesive available too. To make those yourself or apply them, you require a proper recipe to follow.

Meanwhile, you may need flour, corn fluid, glycerin, alum, etc. Most importantly, these elements do not bring any side effects after using.

As there are so many choices I can make, which hot glue stick can be the best for my activities?

It is a critical question to answer. Well, terrifying your own mind by seeing a lot of options, several brands out there are quite normal. But remember, you have a couple of good websites where you will find the suitable one according to your activities or applications.

So, decide first what you want to bond. Then, compare your applications with what the glue stick can provide you. Besides, there are free consultants and experts online to provide you necessary suggestions.

What is the contrast between low and standard or high-temperature hot glue sticks?

You will see that low temperature-based hot glue sticks are providing a melting point of 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. So, these require a low temperature for the dispensation. At the same time, high or standard temperature glue sticks ask for 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to get dispensed. Besides, if you try to run a high stick through a high one, then it can cause severe damage to your gun.


As there are several alternatives available, you have the freedom in choosing from among them. Besides, doing some exploration on these will guide you to which one is more preferable and useful. Meanwhile, you may need the desired one on the basis of your requirements.

Different materials require various types of glue. As a result, you will have the best possible materials for your activities. Exploring this content may have fulfilled your requirements on what to use instead of a hot glue gun. Besides, getting the alternatives will show you the difference between hot glue guns and others.

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