Which Side of Adhesive Vinyl Goes Down? [In Depth Guide]

Adhesive vinyl is a kind of material that is flexible enough to stick on all hard and smooth surfaces. You can cut it into many designs and shapes to apply it anywhere. Some people do not know about it and ask, which side of adhesive vinyl goes down?

You have to keep the paper backing side down and the colored one on the top facing upwards. Then you can start your work and use it on anything you want. Once I wanted to design my mug, so I bought lots of colorful adhesive vinyl, which you can cut according to your preferred design or quote and stick it on your note pads, glass, or any surface. I executed my idea and made a beautiful designed mug.

which side of adhesive vinyl goes down

To stick the colored side of the vinyl, you have to apply a bit of pressure on it so that the adhesive vinyl successfully gets on the object you wanted. Now you have the answer to the question, what is adhesive vinyl.

The way to use vinyl with Cricut machine

Before you put vinyl in the machine, some things have to be done. At first, you have to choose a design for the object you will apply. Then size it in a computer or laptop according to the shape of the surface. You can also change the colors, measurements and also add various pictures or angles to your design.

After everything is being done, you have to take a Cricut mat and put the vinyl on it. Now you may ask, how to place vinyl on Cricut mat? So, I will answer this question.

Use vinyl with Cricut machine

The color side of the adhesive vinyl will face upside, and the sticky side has to be on the mat. When this process is done, it is ready to inside the Cricut machine. Then place that vinyl in the machine and let it make your given design.

Remove the mat from the machine when it is done. So, now you know how to use adhesive vinyl with Cricut?

How to get the exact design on the vinyl mat?

It is easy to get your desired design from the vinyl mat. When you have taken out the mat from the Cricut machine, remove the unwanted part of the color vinyl. Then take a hook which is an instrument usually used for this work. With the help of it, pull out the excess small parts of vinyl that cannot be done with bare hands.

How to get the exact design on the vinyl mat

If you understand that which side of the vinyl goes down, then the rest of the work will be simple for you. It is fun when you get the exact design on the vinyl mat after this process, and you will be sticking it on the object you decided.

Stick the vinyl design on any surface

This part is my favorite part, and I bet it is yours too. For executing the design, you need a transfer tape to do so. Then using it, you’ll be able to place the layout on the object. A lot of people might ask, how to use transfer tape with vinyl?

how to use transfer tape with vinyl

Don’t worry as I will answer every question. So you have to cut the tape according to the size of your design and stick it on. Then pull out the transfer tape, and you will see the layout is attached to it.

 Finally, place the sticky vinyl on the surface and apply some pressure so that it can get on the object beautifully. Pull out the tape, and you will get your desire layout on the object. It feels so good when you can execute anything on your own.

Permanent vinyl

Permanent vinyl is mostly used on items that go through washing or outdoor signs. Oracal 641 is a good permanent adhesive vinyl that has a glossy finish and does not get damaged easily. It lasts for three to eight years.

There are times when you want your created designs on the coasters, drinkware, bottles, or mugs to be long-lasting. This one will fulfill that wish of yours. You can make pairs with designed vinyl. Create some motivational quotes with the help of colorful vinyl and stick them on your daily used objects.

This vinyl resists wear and water to keep the design enduring. People usually apply the permanent ones on the surfaces if they want to keep them for a long time. Because once to stick it on anything, that thing will have some residue after taking it off.

which side of permanent vinyl goes down on Cricut

A question may arise in your mind that, which side of permanent vinyl goes down on Cricut? Then, let me tell you that the process is the same for using all adhesive vinyl. The color side will be facing upwards, and the sticky portion will stay on the Cricut.

So at first, be sure about everything and then use it as you like.

Temporary vinyl

Temporary vinyl has a matte finish. It is used on indoor decorations. If you are new to this crafting, then surely you will have some confusion about using it. So, these removal ones are the best choice for trying as you can easily peel it off. Oracal 631 is great for using as a removable vinyl. It lasts for about one or two years.

This vinyl is used for decorating the walls of your living rooms. You can make any designs you want and brighten your home. It will not damage the surface and leave no residue on the walls. You can decorate the kid’s playroom with the set of alphabet decals or the wall arts, which are also made of vinyl. It makes your room more attractive and beautiful.

which side of Temporary adhesive vinyl goes down

As you know the answer to the question that, which side of adhesive vinyl goes down? So, applying it will be easier.

You can also use them as nail decals if you are not good at painting. Using some fun yet stylish designs, you can decor your nails for any party. If anyone asks you, how can you apply self-adhesive vinyl? Then you can tell them that, you can do this work by yourself without any help. This task is not as difficult as it seems. You can easily use vinyl yourself as you like.

Types of vinyl

There are two types of vinyl. They are adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. Among them, the first one is better as it needs no extra effort to apply it on any surface. There are different colors of vinyl, glitters, metallic, printed, painted, holographic, foil, flocked, and so on.

Types of vinyl

You can use any of them to decorate the walls of your house, any items of the kitchen, glasses, mugs, different hard or soft surfaces, straight and curved shapes also. These pieces of vinyl can be used anywhere to make the stuff look amazing.

Now you can decorate anything by executing your thoughts by yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Go get them and explore your creativity which is hidden inside you.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the removable adhesive vinyl waterproof?

Both permanent and removable vinyl has almost the same capabilities. And one of them is that they are waterproof. So, they will not be damaged if comes in contact with water. You can use them for a long time.

Does vinyl come with adhesive on any of the sides?

Yes, one side of the vinyl always has adhesive. It is protected with paper backing until the vinyl is ready for use. The heat transfer vinyl also has adhesive on one side. It activates during the application with heat. So, you do not have to worry about the adhesive while using any vinyl.

Which brand of vinyl is good?

Siser and Oracal brands are very good as they make high-quality vinyl. People from all over the world use these. They also offer transfer tape. Thus, you can use these brands of vinyl as they are highly recommended.

Does the shiny side of the vinyl goes up or down?

The shiny side of the material goes downwards facing towards the cutting. It is called carrier as it covers the colorful side of the vinyl. So, while cutting any shape or design the glossy side of the vinyl will go down.


You will not face any difficulty using the vinyl anymore because I have answered all the questions related to it along with, which side of adhesive vinyl goes down?

Now your work is to apply them to the things you always wanted to design. Adhesive vinyl can honestly make your dream come true of being a stylist. So, let the creative bee inside your head come out and fulfill your desires.

I hope you will love doing it.

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